Mill Creek

The Mill Creek neighborhood is part of the larger Strathcona area. Year after year, this area wins “best neighborhood in Edmonton” awards from various publications.

You’ll find plenty to enjoy here without straying too far from home. The area is full of unique stores and restaurants. For those who love the nightlife, there are plenty of bars to choose from.

It’s the perfect place to build a custom home. It’s already full of other character homes with unique designs and well-landscaped lawns.

Your Mill Creek Commute 

If you want to live in a walkable community, Mill Creek is a great choice. Parents often walk their kids to school, and it’s not unusual to see people biking to their destinations. With a Walk Score of 88 out of 100, it not only facilitates a car-free lifestyle for those who want it, but encourages neighbors to get out and talk to each other as well. And you’ll want to: neighbors are open, welcoming, and friendly.

The downtown area is close by, as is The University of Alberta.

Those who want to get to other areas of Edmonton via public transit will find easy access to Bus Route 7.

Drivers aren’t far from the Sherwood Park freeway, or to Highway 2. The subdivision’s central location makes it easy to get to just about any part of the city.

Dining Options 

Mill Creek Cafe should be one of your first stops. Live music nights serves excellent casual fare, including sandwiches and breakfast.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you could try Langano Skies, a cheerful Ethiopian restaurant on 82nd Avenue. Or catch some Cajun food at DaDeO. Feeling like some Portuguese cuisine? Then head up to Sabor Restaurant.

And this is just kind of the tip of the iceberg. Turkish, Persian, Korean, Japanese, Thai? It’s all here. And if you just want a pizza, you’ve got several options, including LOVEPIZZA, a specialty and build-your-own pizza spot on 109 St. NW.

Don’t feel like going out? You don’t have to. Many of the restaurants deliver through services like Doordash or Skip the Dishes.

Shopping Opportunities 

You can find a first-rate, unique shop for almost anything you’d want to purchase here. Love pop culture, antiques, handmade items, and comic books? Visit the quirky Junque Cellar.

Vinyl record enthusiast? Blackbyrd Myoozik has everything you could possibly want, right down to the record players.

If you’re an art lover, check out The Paint Spot. It’s an art supply store, workshop, and gallery rolled into one. It’s run by artists, for artists, and welcomes both beginners and professionals.


There are quite a few local churches in the area. Represented denominations include Lutheran, Pentecostal, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic.

You’ll also find a handful of non-denominational or non-affiliated churches to explore. Most of these churches are quite involved in the community, with active, visible programs to help those in need.


King Edward School is the local designated K-6 school. Students learn both French and music while they attend.

Mill Creek School also serves Mill Creek’s K-6 population. Students can take advantage of the International Spanish Academy as early as kindergarten. This school also runs an after-school care program.

Allendale is one of two designated schools for grades 7-9. It offers three programs: regular programing, the Cogito program, and the German Bilingual and Interactions program. McKernan is the second. They work closely with the university and other community partners to put together a number of programs. They’re also known for offering plenty of extracurriculars.

Finally, there’s the designated school for grades 10 through 12. Strathcona has “one of the largest Advance Placement programs in Canada.” Students can earn university credit. They also offer a German bilingual program, a Spanish bilingual program, and a Career and Technology Studies program. The latter allows students to become a Registered Apprentice for a number of trades. Students enjoy the fitness center, too.

Parks and Recreation

If you want to live in a place with lots of access to green spaces, Mill Creek is perfect for you. It has access to some of the best parks in the city.

Mill Creek Ravine park is probably one of the most well-known and popular of the options. It includes an off-leash dog area, and is on the River Valley Trail which means awesome biking and walking opportunities.

But Mill Creek Ravine isn’t the only park worth visiting in the Mill Creek Area.

Queen Elizabeth park offers a lovely playground and picnic spot that is also on the River Valley Trail system. Then there’s Nellie McClung Park, which Nature Edmonton lists as a “hidden gem.” If you want trails with a wilder feel and the chance to watch birds or view the river, you’ll want to visit that one.

And then there’s the smattering of smaller parks and playgrounds throughout the area.

If you love to swim then you’ll enjoy using the Mill Creek Outdoor Pool located at the end of 95a St. NW.

Other Fun Spots

It’s hard to miss the marquees of the Princess Theatre, Edmonton’s spot to tap into the Indie film scene. It’s a historic building which is over a century old, and you can rent it for private parties or movie showings.

If you like live theatre be sure to check out the Varscona Theatre. No less than seven Edmonton theatre companies share the space.

If you’re looking for ways to meet people, be sure to  check out the local community league. They plan monthly pub nights, barbeques, and festivals.

Want to call Mill Creek home? 

Existing residents often never want to leave. If you love Mill Creek but don’t love your rickety old house, just call us. We’re infill experts who can give you a new custom home that you’ll love staying in for the rest of your life.

Looking to buy in Mill Creek? Ask us about our spec homes, already built and ready for sale!

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