Allendale is a smaller, classic subdivision located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan river. Tree-lined, quiet streets and beautiful homes make it a picturesque place to live. With lots of young families and young professionals calling it home, you’ll find it both safe and cozy.

Though the neighborhood is older, many of the houses aren’t. Allendale has embraced infill projects, which means there are plenty of modern houses within its boundaries. It also means your neighbors aren’t likely to get upset if you start an infill project of your own, even if you buy one of the WWII-era homes with the express intent of replacing it with something custom-made.


Commuting is easy in Allendale. It takes 12 minutes by car to the downtown area. Travel to the University of Alberta takes 6 minutes. Highway 14 is just south of the neighborhood, and 75th St. NW is due east. You won’t have trouble getting to any part of the city.

If you prefer to go car-free you can hop on board the bus from any of the 13 bus stops serving the residents here. There’s an LRT station at the nearby Southgate Centre.


You’ve got a few options either in the neighborhood or very close by. There are three Asian restaurants: one that serves Thai and Laoatian food, two Japanese, and one that serves Chinese.

Rick and Alice’s Grill is a popular breakfast spot. You’ll find it packed full of regulars most days. It’s a great space to find the neighborly, human touch so often missing from modern establishments. Go in there enough, and Rick and Alice will start to greet you by name.

If you want homemade sausage that you can’t just get at the grocery store, head to Old Country Meats. You can get ginger and mango sausage. Or turkey and sun dried tomato. While you’re there, pick up a savory pie to take home for dinner.


This isn’t a heavy shopping district. It’s very much a residential neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some interesting spots close by.

Don’t miss  out on Betsy’s South African Deli.  You can get a wide array of South African groceries here. A lot of what’s on offer may be new to you, but a taste adventure awaits.

The Southgate Shopping Center is close by. You’ll also have easy access to any of the Whyte Avenue boutiques. With downtown right nearby as well, you aren’t likely to grow bored.

Just outside the eastern border of the neighborhood you’ll find a handful of big box stores, including The Home Depot, Staples, Hobby Wholesale, and Marshall Fabrics. The Real Canadian Superstore is a straight shot down Calgary Trail NW.


There are quite a few houses of worship close by. There’s a Lutheran church, as well as an Apostolic church. The Edmonton Good Shepherd Chinese Lutheran Church is at the north end of the neighborhood. The St. Basil Ukrainian church is also close.

The neighborhood has several non-denominational churches nearby as well. And if none of those churches are suitable, there are dozens of other options in other, nearby neighborhoods.


The designated K-6 school is Parkallen School. It offers a Mandarin Bilingual program. It also hosts an Opportunity program for kids with mild learning disabilities.

The designated 7-9 grade school is Allendale School. This school offers a German Bilingual program. It also has an Interactions program for people who are on the autistic spectrum. Advanced students can take advantage of the Cogito program.

Grades 10, 11, and 12 are served by the Strathcona School. It’s got an excellent Advanced Placement program, a German Bilingual program, and an International Spanish Academy.

Worth noting: the Alberta School for the Deaf is not far from Allendale.

Parks & Recreation

Allendale doesn’t have many parks in the neighborhood proper. The kids will enjoy Allendale Park, which features a huge playground.

You’re not too far from Kinsmen park on the banks of the river, nor will you be too far from the Mayfair Golf Club. The Muttart Conservatory is just to the northeast. To the northwest you’ll find the Whitemud Equestrian Park, where you can take horseback riding lessons.

More Fun in Allendale

The Allendale Community League is well worth checking out. The annual Big Bin event helps everyone in the neighborhood clean out their basement and garages.

The League organizes an annual Oktoberfest event, too. And when big stuff isn’t going on, there are still little things, like community potlucks.

And be sure to check out the Allendale Community Hall, which offers zumba, yoga, darts, and more. Many local clubs meet here too.

And if you are just moving in, you won’t have to worry too much about being lonely. The league welcomes new residents personally. They don’t do it automatically–you have to email them–but it’s especially helpful if you’re shy about talking to new neighbors. The Block Connector will even organize an informal gathering where you can meet your neighbors.

And if you’re going on vacation, you can even take advantage of an entire network of pet owners and animal lovers who pet sit for one another.

Love the look of life in Allendale?

If your older Allendale home is starting to feel a little tired, just contact us. We can help you out by managing your infill project. Enjoy a gorgeous new custom home without leaving the tight-knit community you’ve come to love.

If you’re hoping to make Allendale your home in the future, give us a call. We often build turnkey spec homes in the area, and might have something that will interest you.

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